About Our Product

Our Betsy's Bricks Fuel Pellets are made through our unique patent pending process from either Cow or Horse manure and form a pellet used to heat homes and businesses.


Betsy's Bricks Pellets, can fit in any type of pellet stove designed for home heating and to compete with wood pellets. Betsy’s Bricks Pellets are an eco-friendly solution to using wood while being cost effective .

Why Choose Betsy's Bricks:

  • Betsy's Bricks Pellets have NO SMELL
  • Cost effective alternative to wood
  • Clean burning - low smoke, creosote and ash
  • Betsy's Bricks Pellets are sized to fit into most pellet stoves
  • 100% Recycled farm material
  • Support farmers while helping the environment
  • Packaged so it can be stacked in tight areas and save space compared to wood.

To learn more about the Betsy’s Bricks green franchise program, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page, request more information, or call or email us at 1-800-758-5044 or franchise@BetsysBricks.com


The Opportunity

Your Chance to Tap into the Growing Green Franchise Trend -- and Make an Important Impact in Your Area!

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Business Intelligence Group 2013 Green Company of the Year Award

Recipient of the Business Intelligence Group 2013 Green Company of the Year Award.

Manure Technologies [founding company behind the Betsy’s Bricks brand] is clearly leading the charge for local sustainability. There are few perfect business models but helping to pair local farmers with local franchises to lower costs and increase revenues, the Manure Technologies team should be very proud of their accomplishments.

Dawn Fordyce, Managing Director for the Business Intelligence Group.