About Us

Manure Technologies Inc. is a Fargo North Dakota registered corporation. Manure Technologies Inc. owns the Betsy's Bricks brand and all franchising rights that come with the brand.

The goal of Manure Technologies Inc. is to create a network of farmers and entrepreneurs who have the same goals as our corporate management to preserve the environment while creating an affordable source of heating fuel.

As our main target, we provide a way for farmers to recycle the waste from their farm animals in a way that is environmentally safe and allows for additional income to the franchise owners with minimal upfront cost.


  • We have developed technology that will take the manure waste of many farm animals and eliminate the smell while forming the manure into a "Brick" or "Pellet" ready to burn in a wood stove, fire place, pellet stove, oven and other heat creating sources.
  • The goal is to target farmers who have the ability to work with MTI in supplying the manure needed to make the bricks or pellets.
  • The farmers will be offered the option to purchase "Franchise" rights from MTI or the farmers can just be a supplier of raw material. "Please see franchise section for more details".
  • Branding of our "Betsy's Bricks" will ensure that our product is well known and available throughout the world.