Competitive Strengths

We believe that the following strengths contribute to our success and differentiate us from our competitors:

We have a technology that eliminates manure as well as providing a renewable source of fuel and with our plan of franchising our technology we plan to expand rapidly throughout the country and the world.

We have created a way for farmers to save the cost of manure from farms, as well as create another source of income for farmers who may be in need of new income due to high cost of grain.

Due to the low cost of raw materials, the low cost of production and the low cost of land lease MTI expects to create an affordable alternative to more expensive burning bricks and pellets, while positioning us in an eco-friendly environment.

Due to MTI management and belief of low cost, low investment with high reward possibility's MTI is in a position for rapid growth with a low overhead cost in operating.

We run our business with an attractive and various business models, including in house corporate sales as well franchise sales.

We have developed strong business relationships with potential suppliers, retailers and marketers of our products.

We have an experienced management and operational teams with extensive market knowledge. Our management team and key operations and technical personnel have extensive management skills, relevant operational experience and industry knowledge. We have created and maintained a stable management team and have been able to retain our core management and key personnel since our inception. We believe that our management team's experience, longstanding customer relationships and in depth knowledge of the market will enable us to continue our expansion strategies and take advantage of market opportunities that may arise.


International opportunities MTI will work with investors and farmers in international markets to expand our franchise opportunities and brand in key markets such as Canada, Europe, Australia, Asia and New Zealand.

MTI feels that with large government backing of eco-friendly fuel and energy there is potential for government backing either corporate funding or via franchise loans.

Become a Franchise Owner:

We at Manure Technologies Inc. are always looking to work with local farmers or entrepreneurs who share the same goals as our management team. There are multiple reasons to consider working with our team.

  • Rapidly growing business opportunity
  • Regional territories available
  • Support from the Betsy's Bricks marketing team
  • Unique product that saves the cost of disposing waste yet creates new income
  • Turn Key operational start up
  • Low cost start up opportunity with instant revenue

Manure Technologies Inc. will provide a turnkey opportunity to start your own business or expand to your currant farm or business revenue. We provide the technology, franchising rights to the Betsy's Bricks brand, training, and marketing material to all of our new franchise owners as well as constant support to your needs or questions as you grow. Manure Technologies Inc. Will take all potential franchise owners into consideration however please contact Manure Technologies Inc. for a full informational package, requirements and a one on one call with a franchise representative.